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A Tale About Our Princess

who is princess

Posted by twin on November 25th, 2005

Yesterday night, Princess was looking curiously at my mobile while I was taking pictures of them. She came over to me and said …

Princess: Mommy I want to see Princess
Me: Who is Princess?
Princess: Denisha

So cute. The way she say her name. Had a recording of her saying it. Had to ask her to repeat it again. Sigh .. not original anymore.

5 Responses to “who is princess”

  1. Zara's Mama Says:

    so clever, know she’s the princess!

  2. Twin Says:

    kids say the cutest things .. they are so innocent .. :)

  3. Papa Ali Says:

    Totally agree with you twin. Just that my wife still can’t get over Baby Ali saying “Papa” first ;)
    Btw, nice place here :)

  4. Allyfeel Says:

    haha…know she is the princess and wanted to see the pretty princess pic…smart! :)

  5. mom2ashley Says:

    so cute! she knows she is princess ah! clever girl.

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