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Sweets for my sweets …

Posted by twin on November 18th, 2005

Everyday when we are home, Princess would ask for chocolates. Sometimes, when she’s sick, I’ll tell her “No Princess you’re sick .. next time when you are feeling better then Mommy let you eat ok”. Then she’ll put it back into the fridge. And right after, she ask for her vitamins (her term - sweet sweet). Recently, I bought her Chewy C from 21st Century … its a gummy-like vitamin. She loves it so much. It has colours on different types of fruits so its easier to teach her colours. Everytime when she asks for her “sweet”, she’ll take it and automatically tells me the colour of whichever she’s going to put in her mouth. The ingredients say all natural colours so I supposed should be quite safe for children’s consumption. She’s also taking vitamin C chewables everyday. I have also bought Pharmaton Kiddi Syrup for both Princess and Boy. They are also taking Scotts Emulsion - code liver oil from GSK.
Whenever anyone catches a flu or dusty environment, they will definitely develop a running/stuffy nose. After taking all these supplements, they have been free from flu for months. Thanks to these vitamins!

2 Responses to “Sweets for my sweets …”

  1. Allyfeel Says:

    When do u start giving both your kids vitamins?

    I was wondering when should I start giving bb some vitamin c.

  2. Twin Says:

    well i started vitamins when they are 6 months old .. they were on infant drops.

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