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A Tale About Our Princess


Posted by twin on November 8th, 2005

Yesterday Daddy was in a meeting at Palace of the Golden Horses. So I went to pick up the kids. As usual Princess will be taking her slippers from the shoe rack and proceed to the car but this time round she decided to be adventurous and wonder off to the side of the house to the back of the kitchen. I told her .. “Princess please don’t go there … its dark .. and you’ll fall down”. In a few seconds, I went to look for her and her right leg fell into a small drain. Her knee had a small graze with a little bit of blood and she cried really really loud. The babysitter applied some antiseptic cream and she continued crying. The more I consoled her, the More she cried. Gosh! I was told that when she was hurt there, she doesn’t cry like that. Aiy … must be asking for Mommy’s sympathy. She continued weeping in the car. I asked her … “Is your knee very painful?”. She said “Yes” … Ok … Mommy sayang (comfort). Then she stopped crying instantly after I said I put on her favourite song “Baa Baa Black Sheep“. I told her … “Next time when Mommy say don’t go anywhere, you must listen ok?” She said “Yes” (in a pitiful tone). Poor girl.

When she was younger, whenever she had a small cut or a little fall, I’ll be over-anxious and worried. I noticed that she was very dependant and doesn’t dare to do things on her own. I have read somewhere that children who are over-protective can cause problems when they are older. So I’ve decided not to be an over-anxious Mommy.

2 Responses to “Pain”

  1. Dinah Law Says:

    she “manja-manja” with you lerr…

  2. Twin Says:

    aiyo .. girls will be girls. So so manja .. :)

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