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mommy … titi (little brother) disturb my work!

Posted by twin on October 14th, 2005

Eversince her little brother started crawling, he’s been getting his hands into anything in sight. Sometimes, Denisha will be doing some puzzles, eating or playing with some toys … and little Darien will be happily laughing and crawling/walking to his sister. The 1st thing that came out from her mouth is .. “Mommy .. titi disturb my work”. There I was thinking … what work .. hehe. She must have learnt it from the nursery. Everytime when she say it .. I would be laughing silently in my heart. The way she say it is so soooo cute.

2 Responses to “mommy … titi (little brother) disturb my work!”

  1. Zara's Mama Says:

    Che-che is so cute.
    Now I realise you have so many blog site..
    Must be tough managing them. :P (for me 1 is quite a responsibility already)

  2. Twin Says:

    yeah yeah quite tough managing so many. :)

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