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I simply love books …

Posted by twin on October 3rd, 2005

“Smile for the camera”

“Mommy, is this pose ok?”

Having a “haha” time with Daddy

We went to Kinokuniya, KLCC over the weekend. Once princess stepped into the store, she was so excited when she saw the children section. So I asked her .. “Princess what books do you want?”. She took some books, handling to me one by one and told me … “Mommy read this please”. So there I was sitting at one corner .. window facing the water foundation, reading to her and most of the books are Barney books. And halfway through it .. she said .. “Mommy read this .. I read this”. So cute .. she love books. When we wanted to go off. Asked her to sit in the stroller .. she doesn’t want and started crying .. aiyo .. not enough sleep that’s why. I just waited for her to finish with her tantrum. Then a little toddler squatted beside her and looked at her. The little boy was so cute. Then I told her “See see the baby is looking at you throwing your tantrum. Shame shame! She stopped immediately and looked down. Put her into her stroller without any problem. See .. new tactic to stop a crying toddler … :)

We were also in Isetan .. on sale now and wanting to get some new clothes for the kids. And Daddy bought Princess a Barney soft toy .. oohh .. she was so happy. Halfway walking she slept in the stroller. Too tired.

Taken on the 22nd Sept 2005

4 Responses to “I simply love books …”

  1. Zara's Mama Says:

    She’s so cute.

    Btw you have 1 girl or more than one, b’cos in your 1, 2, 3 entry, you put KIDS.

  2. Dinah Law Says:

    wah..she’s becoming a bookworm ah…

  3. Twin Says:

    zara’s mama: I’ve 2 kids - a boy and a girl. Please also see

    dinah: wait till your little ashley become a bookworm. It’s so cute .. listening to her pointing out the stuffs that she know. And when you praise her, she’ll have that cheeky smile on her face. :)

  4. mumsgather Says:

    my girl loves books too. She often pretends to read her books by pointing to the words but the story that comes out from her are of her own making. lol.

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