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I’m a vain pot!

Posted by twin on September 4th, 2005

3rd September 2005: Took the kids to Plaza Sri Hartamas to visit Cousin Barry and Amelia. They have a shop there selling very unique weaving baskets all at affordable prices. Arrived there about 3pm. Took Boyboy into Anakku (a baby boutique) to purchase some clothes. Decided to be a heroin and carry lil’ Darien to the shop to look at some clothes. Boy was he heavy. After that my arms just went limp. Arg! :)

Princess was being adventurous and wonder to some shops looking at things. Went to a bookshop, “Pay For Less”. Asked her, “Do you want these books?”. She sais yes … took the books, pretend to read it all .. and then in the end, she said she doesn’t want it and went off to wonder into another shop. Hmm … :) Took her to a hair accessory shop, Sinma. Bought her some clips for the hair. It was cute. She was really vain. Asked me to clip it for her. Then showed it to her Daddy. Hmm .. girls will always be girls. I asked her who is vain pot? She said .. “I vain pot”. Hehhehe. Cute cute.

2 Responses to “I’m a vain pot!”

  1. dinahlaw Says:

    takes after the mummy lor….

  2. Twin Says:

    eh no la .. i’m no vain pot. Really cute .. wait til it’s Ashley’s turn. So so cute.

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