Denisha Lim

A Tale About Our Princess

Naughty Corner

Posted by twin on June 18th, 2005

Lil’ Denisha is having her usual snack - honeyb & cornflakes. I told her to be careful and not to pour it on the floor. She used to pour it on the floor for the fun of it. Then, I would punished her by putting her at the ‘naughty corner’. After that incident, she didn’t dare do it again. This time round, she accidently poured some on the flour. Feeling agitated told her to move aside so that I can clean it up. After cleaning up the mess, I was looking for her and found her facing the wall. I was feeling somewhat heartbroken and funny as well. My poor princess thought I was punishing her so she went and face the wall. And on the other hand, it’s quite a funny sight as well .. :) Kids .. they do the funniest things.

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