Denisha Lim

A Tale About Our Princess


Posted by twin on November 1st, 2003

We were thinking of getting a nanny to take care of our little princess when I finally get back to work. So, we have decided on one found in KL for a few days trial. Gosh what a mistake we have made. She’s slow in everything. Bathing and wearing clothes for the baby takes up so much of her time. Preparing milk is even worse. She can’t see the numbers on the bottle. Imagine that! And she claimed that she’s in her 40s and worked for a doctor before. She can’t even feed the baby milk. You see … our little Denisha doesn’t really fancy milk .. we have to coax her or make her sleep before shoving the bottle into her mouth. She was quite a handful. By the time the nanny finish preparing everything, the baby will be wailing away. So we decided to ask her to go.

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