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who is princess

Posted by twin on 25th November 2005

Yesterday night, Princess was looking curiously at my mobile while I was taking pictures of them. She came over to me and said …

Princess: Mommy I want to see Princess
Me: Who is Princess?
Princess: Denisha

So cute. The way she say her name. Had a recording of her saying it. Had to ask her to repeat it again. Sigh .. not original anymore.

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Sweets for my sweets …

Posted by twin on 18th November 2005

Everyday when we are home, Princess would ask for chocolates. Sometimes, when she’s sick, I’ll tell her “No Princess you’re sick .. next time when you are feeling better then Mommy let you eat ok”. Then she’ll put it back into the fridge. And right after, she ask for her vitamins (her term - sweet sweet). Recently, I bought her Chewy C from 21st Century … its a gummy-like vitamin. She loves it so much. It has colours on different types of fruits so its easier to teach her colours. Everytime when she asks for her “sweet”, she’ll take it and automatically tells me the colour of whichever she’s going to put in her mouth. The ingredients say all natural colours so I supposed should be quite safe for children’s consumption. She’s also taking vitamin C chewables everyday. I have also bought Pharmaton Kiddi Syrup for both Princess and Boy. They are also taking Scotts Emulsion - code liver oil from GSK.
Whenever anyone catches a flu or dusty environment, they will definitely develop a running/stuffy nose. After taking all these supplements, they have been free from flu for months. Thanks to these vitamins!

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Barney Live in Malaysia

Posted by twin on 14th November 2005

12th November 2005:
We took Princess to watch Barney & the Musical Castle Live in KL Convention Centre at Plenary Hall. Poor Lil Darien had to taken care by my mom. Initially we thought of bringing Darien there but he’s only 12 months old and we’re afraid that he’ll demand this and that. So it would be the wiser to live him with my mom. The whole journey, Princess was asking where is ‘titi’ (little brother). We explained to her that her brother is too young to go. Next time when he’s older we’ll bring him. She seemed understand and nodded. The next moment, she asked again. It was endless. We took LRT .. thinking that its a 1st time ride for Princess and Daddy. It had been years since the last time I took the LRT. It was a bad choice this time round. I had forgotten we had to stop over in so many stations and Princess was scared the whole journey through. We had to carry her in our arms. Carrying a two year old is no joke …. Boy! She’s heavy. She’s a timid little girl. Upon reaching the concert hall. Everywhere was pasted Barney this and Barney that. Our girl got so excited. We had been telling her about this concert a few days back. And now here we are … Barney the purple dinosaur! When entering the concert hall, I told her .. “see there at the stage, Barney will come out from there later”. Then she told me .. “I don’t want”. Oh my Gosh! I was like what does she mean by she does’t want? She was mad about Barney. Oh Boy .. this is going to be a challenge. Daddy tried to pacify her telling her it was ok while I booked for seats. We bought the cheapest tickets so the seatings were free. I was thinking of getting the $130 ticket but was thinking what if she’s scared then we’ll waste all the tickets. So I chose the cheaper ticket. She asked Daddy to go to the highest seat. Poor poor Daddy. Finally, when the show was about to start, she decided to sit where I was sitting.
The start of the show begins with the Barney theme song (in a yankee doodle tune) that goes like …

Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination
When he’s tall he’s what we call a dinosaur sensation
Barney teaches lots of things like how to play pretend
A-B-C’s and 1-2-3’s and how to be a friend
Barney comes to play with us
Whenever we may need him
Barney can be your friend too
If you just make believe him

Overall, she enjoyed the show. Being enclose like this is something new to her .. so I think it takes time for her to adjust. In the end, she ended up with two of Barney’s friends, Baby Bop and BJ. She already had Barney lying around at home.

13th November 2005:
We went for a friend’s wedding dinner at Summit Hotel Subang Jaya. As usual, poor Darien will be at my mom’s place. When we arrived there, Princess was clinging to us. We were like oh Gosh .. here we go again. There are loud noises here and there and our poor lil’ Princess got scared. Hmm … a quarter way through it, I took her back to my mom’s place leaving Daddy there. This was the 2nd wedding she went to. The 1st one she was clingy but not as bad as this one. There is another wedding we need to attend next month and another one after that. Hopefully by that time, she’ll be fine. I asked her .. why are you scared. She answered me “Many people”. That’s funny ‘cos when we went for shopping there are also lots of people. If she’s shy, I’d say not ‘cos she’s been out with our friends before and she’s ok with them as well. Don’t know … probably after effect of the Barney show … :)

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Choosing CDs

Posted by twin on 11th November 2005

While driving them back from the nursery, as usual Princess will be running through the CD wallet. Then suddenly she said, This is Baabaa Black Sheep? No? (shaking her head). Some CDs were recorded and have no pictures printed on the CD. So, she usually recognise the wordings written there. Her expression was so cute. It was such a cute moment.

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Posted by twin on 8th November 2005

Yesterday Daddy was in a meeting at Palace of the Golden Horses. So I went to pick up the kids. As usual Princess will be taking her slippers from the shoe rack and proceed to the car but this time round she decided to be adventurous and wonder off to the side of the house to the back of the kitchen. I told her .. “Princess please don’t go there … its dark .. and you’ll fall down”. In a few seconds, I went to look for her and her right leg fell into a small drain. Her knee had a small graze with a little bit of blood and she cried really really loud. The babysitter applied some antiseptic cream and she continued crying. The more I consoled her, the More she cried. Gosh! I was told that when she was hurt there, she doesn’t cry like that. Aiy … must be asking for Mommy’s sympathy. She continued weeping in the car. I asked her … “Is your knee very painful?”. She said “Yes” … Ok … Mommy sayang (comfort). Then she stopped crying instantly after I said I put on her favourite song “Baa Baa Black Sheep“. I told her … “Next time when Mommy say don’t go anywhere, you must listen ok?” She said “Yes” (in a pitiful tone). Poor girl.

When she was younger, whenever she had a small cut or a little fall, I’ll be over-anxious and worried. I noticed that she was very dependant and doesn’t dare to do things on her own. I have read somewhere that children who are over-protective can cause problems when they are older. So I’ve decided not to be an over-anxious Mommy.

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