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Many many faces

Posted by twin on 19th September 2005

The many faces of lil me

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Yummy Yummy

Posted by twin on 11th September 2005

Pic taken: top left - jelly, top right - milk, bottom left - Domino’s chic drummet, bottom right - sandwich at O’Brien’s …. yummy!

“Hmm … yummy yummy”

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1 …. 2 …. 3

Posted by twin on 7th September 2005

Last night Mark had an office function, so I was with the kids all by myself. While putting the kids to bed, I told Princess I will read her 1 book. She brought me 3 books. I told her “No no .. Mummy said only 1 book. How many books you want Mummy to read? She pointed at each of the books and said “1 .. 2 … 3″. It was such a cute sight. She’s learning really fast now. I remember buying them “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” a few months back. I read it to her when she barely know how to talk. Now she can recite the book for me .. :)

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I’m a vain pot!

Posted by twin on 4th September 2005

3rd September 2005: Took the kids to Plaza Sri Hartamas to visit Cousin Barry and Amelia. They have a shop there selling very unique weaving baskets all at affordable prices. Arrived there about 3pm. Took Boyboy into Anakku (a baby boutique) to purchase some clothes. Decided to be a heroin and carry lil’ Darien to the shop to look at some clothes. Boy was he heavy. After that my arms just went limp. Arg! :)

Princess was being adventurous and wonder to some shops looking at things. Went to a bookshop, “Pay For Less”. Asked her, “Do you want these books?”. She sais yes … took the books, pretend to read it all .. and then in the end, she said she doesn’t want it and went off to wonder into another shop. Hmm … :) Took her to a hair accessory shop, Sinma. Bought her some clips for the hair. It was cute. She was really vain. Asked me to clip it for her. Then showed it to her Daddy. Hmm .. girls will always be girls. I asked her who is vain pot? She said .. “I vain pot”. Hehhehe. Cute cute.

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Teddy Smile …

Posted by twin on 3rd September 2005

Pic taken while she was lying on a teddy bear playmat .. a gift from Aunty Elaine, Yee Lim, Euniece, Pei Yiing and Jessica during Darien’s full moon.

“Ok ok … I’m smiling I’m smiling”

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Cool Bike

Posted by twin on 1st September 2005

“One day .. I was choosing my bike ….”

“And look what Mummy and Daddy bought for me on my birthday ..”

“Wow … My New Mini Moto”

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2nd Birthday Party

Posted by twin on 1st September 2005

31st August 2005:
Pic taken at home

We celebrated Princess’s birthday at Burger King, USJ Taipan. Ordered a Barney cake for her. She was dressed in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt that says “Princess” .. looking so grown-up. She’s got lots of gifts. Yee Ma bought a mini stroller with a musical baby doll. Yee Yee bought a Sesame Street alphabet toy box. Aunty Ng from nursery made her a nice jelly cake and a fisher-price caterpillar toy. Mommy and Daddy bought a mini motorcar and a doctor playset. Uncle Bernard bought a TY Beanie. Uncle Chong and Aunty Chris bought an Elmo handpuppet.

She was not as scared comparing to the time when we celebrated her 1st birthday at A&W Subang Jaya. She enjoyed the playground at BK so much. After the party, we went to Yee Poh’s house in Cheras. She was playing so much there as well. By the time we went home, she was so so so tired. Sniff sniff another year older … :)

Taken at Burger King USJ Taipan

“I simply love slides!!!!!”

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