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Lalalalala …

Posted by twin on 11th July 2005

These couple of weeks, our little girl has taken a liking to singing. She’ll be singing her favourite Baa Baa Black Sheep, Old MacDonald and Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars to name a few. Especially in the car, she would demand for Baa Baa Black Sheep and Old MacDonald only. No others. She will realise it if we put on other cds to play, she will asked for those songs again. She doesn’t like the rest of the CDs anymore.
We’ll go berserk soon if she doesn’t find a new liking to other songs. Imagine hearing these two all the time. Hmm maybe will try to introduce the old CDs back to her again soon. Isn’t it a bit boring listening to the same thing over and over again … ;)

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I Go WeeWee

Posted by twin on 4th July 2005

Over the weekend, our little princess finally decided to go off diapers. Been trying to train her these couple of days. The babysitter had already told me that she’s potty-trained. And there I was wondering why is it that she doesn’t want to go at home. Hmm .. and to my surprise, during the last Saturday, she took off her diapers and told me “Mommy, I go wee wee”. I was so touched. Almost closed to tears. Sigh our little girl … was a helpless little baby before and now she’s telling me she wanted to go to the toilet. How time flies.

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