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2nd Swim

Posted by twin on 22nd February 2004

It was definitely a happy site for our little Princess on her 2nd swimming experience in my sis Pristina’s house. Look at the smile on her chubby face. This is definitely a happy face comparing to the 1st experience she had.

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1st Cereal

Posted by twin on 14th February 2004

As you all know today is Valentine’s Day and it’s also the 1st day for our little princess to try her 1st semi-solid. She was so eager. Opening her mouth at each scoop of baby rice. So greedy … :)

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1st Swim

Posted by twin on 1st February 2004

We brought our little princess for a holiday in Penang. We stayed at Northam Hotel together with Laura. It was the 1st time in a pool for our little girl. It was noon and the water was still cold. Poor girl .. crying so pitifully. Wonder how true is it when people say ‘babies are natural in water’. Guess it’s a hoax. We took her out and consoled her until she fell asleep in my arms.

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