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who is princess

Posted by twin on 25th November 2005

Yesterday night, Princess was looking curiously at my mobile while I was taking pictures of them. She came over to me and said …

Princess: Mommy I want to see Princess
Me: Who is Princess?
Princess: Denisha

So cute. The way she say her name. Had a recording of her saying it. Had to ask her to repeat it again. Sigh .. not original anymore.

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Choosing CDs

Posted by twin on 11th November 2005

While driving them back from the nursery, as usual Princess will be running through the CD wallet. Then suddenly she said, This is Baabaa Black Sheep? No? (shaking her head). Some CDs were recorded and have no pictures printed on the CD. So, she usually recognise the wordings written there. Her expression was so cute. It was such a cute moment.

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mommy … titi (little brother) disturb my work!

Posted by twin on 14th October 2005

Eversince her little brother started crawling, he’s been getting his hands into anything in sight. Sometimes, Denisha will be doing some puzzles, eating or playing with some toys … and little Darien will be happily laughing and crawling/walking to his sister. The 1st thing that came out from her mouth is .. “Mommy .. titi disturb my work”. There I was thinking … what work .. hehe. She must have learnt it from the nursery. Everytime when she say it .. I would be laughing silently in my heart. The way she say it is so soooo cute.

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I simply love books …

Posted by twin on 3rd October 2005

“Smile for the camera”

“Mommy, is this pose ok?”

Having a “haha” time with Daddy

We went to Kinokuniya, KLCC over the weekend. Once princess stepped into the store, she was so excited when she saw the children section. So I asked her .. “Princess what books do you want?”. She took some books, handling to me one by one and told me … “Mommy read this please”. So there I was sitting at one corner .. window facing the water foundation, reading to her and most of the books are Barney books. And halfway through it .. she said .. “Mommy read this .. I read this”. So cute .. she love books. When we wanted to go off. Asked her to sit in the stroller .. she doesn’t want and started crying .. aiyo .. not enough sleep that’s why. I just waited for her to finish with her tantrum. Then a little toddler squatted beside her and looked at her. The little boy was so cute. Then I told her “See see the baby is looking at you throwing your tantrum. Shame shame! She stopped immediately and looked down. Put her into her stroller without any problem. See .. new tactic to stop a crying toddler … :)

We were also in Isetan .. on sale now and wanting to get some new clothes for the kids. And Daddy bought Princess a Barney soft toy .. oohh .. she was so happy. Halfway walking she slept in the stroller. Too tired.

Taken on the 22nd Sept 2005

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1 …. 2 …. 3

Posted by twin on 7th September 2005

Last night Mark had an office function, so I was with the kids all by myself. While putting the kids to bed, I told Princess I will read her 1 book. She brought me 3 books. I told her “No no .. Mummy said only 1 book. How many books you want Mummy to read? She pointed at each of the books and said “1 .. 2 … 3″. It was such a cute sight. She’s learning really fast now. I remember buying them “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” a few months back. I read it to her when she barely know how to talk. Now she can recite the book for me .. :)

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I’m a vain pot!

Posted by twin on 4th September 2005

3rd September 2005: Took the kids to Plaza Sri Hartamas to visit Cousin Barry and Amelia. They have a shop there selling very unique weaving baskets all at affordable prices. Arrived there about 3pm. Took Boyboy into Anakku (a baby boutique) to purchase some clothes. Decided to be a heroin and carry lil’ Darien to the shop to look at some clothes. Boy was he heavy. After that my arms just went limp. Arg! :)

Princess was being adventurous and wonder to some shops looking at things. Went to a bookshop, “Pay For Less”. Asked her, “Do you want these books?”. She sais yes … took the books, pretend to read it all .. and then in the end, she said she doesn’t want it and went off to wonder into another shop. Hmm … :) Took her to a hair accessory shop, Sinma. Bought her some clips for the hair. It was cute. She was really vain. Asked me to clip it for her. Then showed it to her Daddy. Hmm .. girls will always be girls. I asked her who is vain pot? She said .. “I vain pot”. Hehhehe. Cute cute.

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I Go WeeWee

Posted by twin on 4th July 2005

Over the weekend, our little princess finally decided to go off diapers. Been trying to train her these couple of days. The babysitter had already told me that she’s potty-trained. And there I was wondering why is it that she doesn’t want to go at home. Hmm .. and to my surprise, during the last Saturday, she took off her diapers and told me “Mommy, I go wee wee”. I was so touched. Almost closed to tears. Sigh our little girl … was a helpless little baby before and now she’s telling me she wanted to go to the toilet. How time flies.

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Peter & Jane Ladybird Books

Posted by twin on 16th June 2005

Our lil’ Princess is starting to read Peter & Jane (a reknown collection of children books by Ladybird - 1st published in the 60s .. its really good). With the guidance of the teacher, she’s able to spot some words from the flashcards shown. In no time, she’ll be able to read the whole book. She simply love books .. just like the Daddy!

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Singing Her First Song

Posted by twin on 30th May 2005

Over the weekend … while playing with her favourite “Old MacDonald” barn toy - that has a chicken, horse, pig, cow and sheep; she suddenly sang “Baa Baa Black Sheep“. It was such a cute sight. Mark and I was so fascinated. Too bad we did not get it on video but we will make sure it did when we find the chance to. Imagine clinging onto the video 24/7 .. hahaha. Obsessed!

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Car Ride

Posted by twin on 20th January 2005

On the way to babysitter’s house in the morning.

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